Jim Crow 2018: Black voting rights under attack in America

From 1880 to 1965, there was an all-out assault on preventing African Americans from voting by having their right to vote deemed invalid. The 15th Amendment prohibited blatant disenfranchisement on the basis of race or prior enslavement, but many Southern states came up with a slew of new and innovative alternative techniques to disenfranchise Blacks after Reconstruction and during the Jim Crow era, such as enacting a poll tax and introducing literacy tests as a means to keep Blacks from voting.

While the traditional techniques of violence by the Ku Klux Klan and the awful practice of voter suppression became more recognizable and outdated, individuals developed creative and crafty methods to challenge Black people’s right to vote through legislation that is impacting Black people even now.

With the very important and heated midterm elections coming up in November, roughly 4,000 eligible Harris County voters, mostly African Americans located in Houston’s historic 3rd Ward, recently had their voting rights attacked by an independent operative who used an antiquated Texas law to legally challenge their voting status.

via @dallasexaminer/NNPA

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