What It’s Like to Watch Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony With Anita Hill

Twenty-seven years after testifying against Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill found herself watching yet another woman come before the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell her story about a Supreme Court nominee committing sexual misconduct. Back in 1991, Hill endured intense public scrutiny and was famously derided as “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty.” Thomas, of course, was confirmed. Hill, now a professor at Brandeis University, was at the University of Utah giving a previously planned lecture the night before Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s appearances. The morning of the proceedings, she was scheduled to meet with a gender studies class called “Medusa and Manifesto: Identity and Activism in the Information Age” that had been preparing for her visit for months — that meeting just so happened to fall during Ford’s testimony. She told the students that she didn’t like to compare her experience to that of Kavanaugh’s accusers, but they set aside some time to take in the proceedings together.


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