Brett Kavanaugh Would Roll Back 50 Years of Civil Rights Gains if Appointed

“It would be the unraveling of civil rights gains of the last 50 to 60 years,” according to Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP... “Everything would be on the table.”

On Thursday, the NAACP released a report outlining how Kavanaugh’s potential Supreme Court appointment would be “a severe threat to civil rights,” and called for the Senate to reject his nomination.

In the report, the NAACP wrote that, as President George W. Bush’s White House staff secretary, Kavanaugh helped the administration file briefs against the University of Michigan’s equal opportunity admissions policies in 2003. Kavanaugh wrote in an email that year that Michigan’s affirmative action policy was “unconstitutional because race-neutral programs should be employed.”

Kavanaugh’s record also shows that he would be a threat to voting rights, according to the NAACP. In 2012, as a judge on the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh upheld South Carolina’s photo ID law, which required voters to show identification in order to vote. The Justice Department challenged the law, stating it would discriminate against voters of color: Nonwhite voters in the state were 20% more likely than white voters to not have a state photo ID.

Excerpt: via / Natelegé Whaley @natelege_

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