January 01, 2020

What a beautiful artist Charles White was. Hand of an angel, eye of a sage. Although White, who died in 1979, is often mentioned today as a teacher and mentor of luminaries like David Hammons and Kerry James Marshall, his is no case of reflected glory. In “Charles White: A Retrospective” at the Museum of Modern Art, from beginning to end, he shines.

   The survey of over 100 paintings, drawings and prints runs on two parallel tracks. It gives the first full-scale look at White’s career in 30-some years, concluding with his most complex and adventurous work. And, through his politically vigilant art, it traces the broad pattern of African-American life through three-quarters of the 20th century.

November 26, 2018

Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes celebrated the art of living through difficult times in “The Sweet Flypaper of Life.”

As a child of the Harlem Renaissance, Roy DeCarava grew up surrounded by black artists, writers and thinkers. And while his community often faced racism and discrimination, Harlem residents did not let stereotypes define them. Instead, they sought out ways to challenge these narrow expectations.

When he became the first black photographer to win a Guggenheim fellowship, in 1952, Mr. DeCarava took the opportunity to continue documenting Harlem and its residents. His work became the basis for “The Sweet Flypaper of Life,” a best-selling collaboration with Langston Hughes.

September 05, 2018

You can’t beat us. We come in every shade and our skin tones are a vast as our cultures, our races, our identities. We all look different, but we all deserve to celebrate and own our individuality.

September 05, 2018

“I decided I wanted to put a piece here because I’d been doing these African heads and I wanted to put [one] in this spot, a site where there are a lot of people who are of African descent,” Francis explained to BKLYNER. “I felt it was important to show something with some kind of majesty for our people.”

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